"I've been working with Rick for several years and couldn't be happier with Ecubit' services. They completely understand my needs and have resolved our technical issues quickly, efficiently and with the highest level of professionalism. Their expertise and recommendations in particular, the virtual private network have saved us countless hours and enabled us to be more productive. I'd recommend Ecubit without hesitation."

Hal McCormick, CPA
Accountancy Corporation

"As founder and CEO of a small Internet company, I was delighted to find Ecubit. Having access to their skills and experience meant that I could focus on running my business, not deciphering the details of LANs, WANs and PBXs. They were always responsive and provided a unique combination of strategic and tactical assistance. I would highly recommend their services."

Stephen Fox, Founder & CEO, Business Le Creme
Internet-based Staff Recruiting Company

"Recently, my company was faced with the challenge of quickly setting up a VPN [virtual private network] to accommodate offsite employees. After a phone call and initial meeting, I hired Ecubit to initiate and oversee the purchase and installation of a T-1 circuit, router, multiple firewalls and new computers for our remote users.

This project was extremely complicated and required someone with tremendous technical knowledge, as well as practical business skills. Rick of Ecubit is the person I turned to. He worked quite well with my employees and exhibited a great deal of patience while training them. I highly recommend, and will continue to use, his services."

Kyle Smothers, VP, Brown Associates
Property Management and Investment Company

"Thank you for a job well done with our DSL installation. This was a tricky project with some hidden 'land mines' we didn't expect. I especially appreciate you taking personal weekend time to shop for our new switch. Having a touch of Sherlock Holmes in you definitely seems to help. Thanks again for your time and support. Your efforts were definitely above and beyond the call of duty."

Jeff Butler, Controller, Quincy Technology
Micro Cutting Tool Reseller and Distributor

"Thank you for successfully integrating our business needs into such a user-friendly network system. Much like a couple forgets what life was like before children, I, too, have forgotten what it was like to be without e-mail and files at my fingertips at all times. Your complete understanding of what we needed and the knowledge of how to achieve this was most impressive. Our new network has made a world of difference for both managers and support staff by increasing productivity and facilitating communications with our clients. I look forward to many years of carefree use with Ecubit on the job."

Lisa DeFoe, General Manager, Supreme Promotions
Event Promotions Company

"Rarely do I encounter an individual or vendor that's made such an impact on our business. In searching for consultants to help review our IT environment and develop Policies and Procedures, I chose Ecubit, primarily because other companies did not return telephone calls or were 'too busy.'
From our first meeting on, you've listened to my concerns and articulated intelligent solutions. I appreciate the frank discussion about the pros and cons of each option and the unbiased manner in which they were presented. You didn't try to sell solutions that were best for you. Instead you offered a choice of solutions, each of which was beneficial for our company. You clearly explained concepts and issues that, as a non-IT person, I may not have fully understood so that I knew the impact of every decision.
You've not only performed flawlessly in all our tasks and projects, you've also earned my respect as a resource for non-IT business matters. Perhaps the highest accolade I can give is that after working with you, I now consider you a valued business associate as well as a trusted friend."
Jake Howell, CEO & President, Sign Here; Sign and Graphics Company